AI Fabric Invoice re-trained endpoints breaking date values

Recently our AI Fabric retrained invoice endpoints have stopped working for any dates that have a “day” value of 12 or below. The actual date value set swapped for “day” and “month” if the day is 12 or below for the Invoice Date. We are currently trying to auto-process all invoices with a certain confidence % for all fields, but this issue is creating a final roadblock.

This problem does not happen with the base Invoices model. How can we correct this issue or maybe impliment some type of good workaround to deal with those cases?
Retrained MLSkill:

Default invoice model:


Hi @mtu sorry about delayed response,

Date formatting detection is a known issue which should be fixed in the current Invoices ML Package version 3.0 in AI Fabric Cloud. Can you please try it and let me know if the issue still occurrs.

Thank you,

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Perfect thank you, I just started re-training on the new 3.0 invoice model. I will let you know once I can test the date issue once that pipeline is complete.

Retraining on the 3.0 model seems to have done the trick.

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