AI Fabric Evaluation Fail


I am not able to evaluate the test file. I am getting error message mentioned below.

I have checked the header name as well its input and target. Dont know whats wrong.

File [/data/dataset/test.csv] does not have name [target] in header’[‘input’, ‘target;’]’, skipping this file. The csv file must contain a header with at least two columns. The column names are set by the <input_column> and <target_column> variables of this run. The default values are “input” and “target”. If the file contains other columns, they will be ignored

Hi @mgope,
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Could you give us more details with screenshots if possible? This could help with the investigation.

Hi Pablito,

I have attached the screenshot of log file. Hope it helps

Can you show how is looking you csv file? Especially the headers and example 1-2 lines of data. (if there is something sensitive please just anonymize it).

This data is the test data provided in AI Fabric training.I have attached the screenshot of data which i have pasted below.

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If you opened it with Excel and then save it, the file may have been modified and is not a proper csv anymore. Excel often add double quotes or comma while dealing with csv not properly loaded. Could you try download the file again and upload it without opening it with Excel in meantime?


Thanks @Jeremy_Tederry it worked.


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