AI CV not working if I use input argument as apiKey

Hi all,

I would like to control the CV API Key from outside and I use Input Argument and has default value but the CV still tell me the missing key.

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Hey man. Can check that the apiKey is valid by visiting the If it is valid. Then use an assign activity to update the in arguement with a local variable and place the local variable in the configuration.

Hi Bobby,

the key absolutely valid.

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Ah I see. Ok becasue I ran into this problem before. So I had to re-generate a new license key. Ok try using the assign statement I mentioned above, if it works.

I see your point. it works if I use local variable then be assigned by Input argument.

but I don’t like this way because I use an additional variable for this.

anyway, no choice.

thanks man.


Yeah I know. It’s not very efficient. But it works. No problem man. Happy to help. :slight_smile:

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