Ai Computer vision: Is it too early to start using this pack for critical projects?

I am working on poc for a citrix based banking application. I am having tough time with OCR as it is failing to identify the elements properly due to various reasons.

Is it recommended to use AI computer vision pack as this pack is still oin beta phase?


Don’t worry use it and helps a lot to citrix applications. By using these activities we can use easily identify elements.


One Question. Is this pack has any feature that replaces OCR or enhances its capability to capture text more accurately?


Please go through from below link:

Yes. While CV sometimes still relies on OCR to identify elements (and the better the OCR engine, the better CV will work), it has other features that greatly enhance it, and adds other methods for locating elements.
Also soon we’ll release a much better OCR engine for CV :wink:

So I’d say it’s worth a try


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