AI computer Vision - How to increase accuracy

Hello Everyone! Is Computer Vision is reliable. Many times its not detect the text in citrix. and same problem happen with the image click. These tools are not 100% accurate so. So i need help how Would i implement Sap citrix automation. Shall i need to go for alternative platform for good accuracy.

Hi @dilsher_khan,
Have you tried to use native citrix automation?
You need to install runtime on XenApp/XenDesktop worker and Citrix Extension on computer where you have Studio installed. This gives you possibility to work with UiElements.

yes i tried native also.But all are not reliable , some time it works sometime not.

Most probably the issue is with the OCR engine. Try another one, like Tesseract or even better, one of the paid ones (Google Cloud, Abby, MS Vision, etc). You’ll get much better results


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