AI Computer Vision - descriptors

Hi All,

I have a question related with Descriptor property.
Is that work similarly to selectors. Can I modify this in the same way?


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It’s more like coordinates
I.e on-screen coordinates of the Target and each Anchor that is used

I hope we can select the element and only on doImg that we will get right coordinates, though we can edit

Cheers @niteckam

I have an old Oracle application on VDI and Im trying to automate a process, however Computer Vision gives now limited functionality. Let’s say I can not scrape a data which are in more or less in matrix and build a dataTable. If this is more like coordinates I suppose more complicate modification are problematic. So far I was only able to replace one of the coordinate by variable.
What I’am looking for is. Lets say I have a number stored in variable and now I want to click on a corresponding filed on the screen which represent this number.
Normally is a piece of cake but not on VDI and on this application.

Hmm fine I haven’t tried modifying the descriptors
So if possible can I have a screenshot of from where you want to scrape a data