AI Center - On-Premise Data Center Installation

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My company has our existing UiPath RPA platform installed on-premise (on our physical data centre not on the cloud) for the Orchestrator, Studio and Robot components. We are wanting to install AI Center (mainly for Document Understanding capability) however I cannot seem to find whether we can either:
a) Also install AI Center on our physical data centre (assuming we can provision infrastructure of the required specification
b) Connect AI Center installed on a private cloud environment to an Orchestrator hosted on our physical on-prem infrastructure (and if we did this, would there be potential performance issues?)

Please can someone advise if they have an answer on whether either of these are possible? We ideally do not have to migrate our existing infrastructure to a private cloud environment so hoping something can be done without going down that route.

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Hi Ryan

As long as you can provide a machine (or VM) following the requirements and that networking between Orchestrator, Robots and AI center is allowed you can do both a) and b).
The full documentation for on prem is there: AI Center Single Node.


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Thank you @Jeremy_Tederry!

From your experience, which approach would you recommend (thinking from a performance and latency perspective as well as anything else you can think of) or would you say a full cloud solution is the best?

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I would say that full cloud solution is the best but that may not be an option for you. It is usually easier to install AI center on a VM provided by Cloud provider rather than a physical data center but both should work, regarding latency it will mostly depends of your connection between robots and AI Center. More than between AI center and Orchestrator.

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