AI Center Enabled Tenant Not Detected While Merging Tenants

While merging tenants, how to get AI Center enabled tenant detected ?

Issue Description: While accessing and authenticating to the host tenant using the host admin account, an error message occurs stating "Error while merging tenants" and tenant that has AI Center enabled does not show up.

Resolution: Perform the following investigation steps

  • Access the ML skills from Orchestrator that produces error. The event viewer log said "Error: Keyset does not exist at async"
    • Check to see if the IS is using the old certificate
    • If yes, update it to use the new certificate
  • Go to the URL, make a modification and save it
  • Go to and wait for the pre-check flights to complete.
    • Notice if preflight checks fail for previous deployments. They fail with "Analyzer Failed": Failed to read collected file name: preflights-aif/run-checks.log:.."
Verify if any errors are noticed in the event viewer or any logs that appear to be related to viewing that ML Skills page. Error may not be noticed on the front end when navigating to the page. Also, nothing gets listed in the table.
As long as Ai Fabric is enabled for that tenant and packages are deployed, some packages should be visible. You should be seeing packages as soon as they are deployed in the ML Skills. The only exception is if the skills are not for the tenant you are logging into.

Do the following:
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  • The packages should look below in Orchestrator
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If still issue persists, re-deploying AI Center will help.