Ai Center - Data Manager (on prem)


I’m facing an error when trying to import documents in Data Manger (on prem version).
I have installed AiCenter v 21.4.0 (on prem) and the extension, Data Manager.
Both URLs are certified - Connection Secure.

Looking forward advices and ideas. Thank a lot!

Hi @Ioana_Renard,

Are you using a self-signed certificate?

When you attempt to upload files to Data Manager, they will be uploaded into AI Center on port 31443 by default (unless you configured the port differently). When you visit your https://aicenter.some-domain.extension:31443 do you see a valid certificate? If not, add that certificate that is presented to your browser into your Local Computer’s Trusted Root Certification Authorities and see if that resolves the issue.
5. Run the AI Center Application Installer


Hi @Kristopher and Thank you for support,

It is not a self sign certificate.
When I enter my https://aicenter.some-domain.extension:31443 it is a valid certificate, too.

Any ideas?

Hi @Ioana_Renard,

Can you try to visit the URL from the Data Manager machine?

docker ps

(grab the name of the Data Manager container)

docker exec -it Data-Manager-container-name sh
curl https://aicenter.some-domain.extension:31443
curl https://aicenter.some-domain.extension:31390

If either command from the Data Manager container has issues visiting the AI Center URLs, then you may need to add the certificate chain into the Data Manager container. The container may not have the necessary certification path to trust the certificate being used for AI Center.