AI Center data labelling how to enable red button

how do i enable this red button in data labelling center?
The predict button is visible for me and its working, but i dont see the red button as shown below

Hi @jack.chan ,

I believe the Red Indicator Specifies the number of Images/Documents that are uploaded. It is mentioned as Dataset health indicator. There isn’t a need to enable the red button. It happens automatically based on the dataset imported.

As the dataset you have imported is well over the number specified in the range, it might be indicating that the number of data provided is good number and a training could be performed for this dataset.

Let us know if you were looking for a different answer or any other clarifications.

Hi there,

you simply have the older version of automation cloud or automation cloud. The red dot feature comes in the new version of automation suite 2022.10.0. You can get new AI center features by upgrading automation suite or cloud.