AI Center : Cannot authenticate with DU service. Please provide an API key or make sure the robot is connected to the correct Orchestrator instance for the ML skill

Below error is observed in Machine Learning extractor with ML skill hosted in AI Center on prem server:

“Cannot authenticate with DU service. Please provide an API key or make sure the robot is connected to the correct Orchestrator instance for the ML skill.”

Also when using ML SKill activity below error is observed:
“The Remote certificate is invalid according to validation procedure”

This occurs if AI Center server certificate is not installed on the studio/robot machine. Installing the certificate by following below steps should resolve the issue:

  1. Browse ":31390/ai-app" on studio/robot machine.
  2. Check if it is a secure connection or not.
  1. If not then download the certificate and install . Refer below steps one by one:


c)Export the "DER encoded binary" certificate and save to some directory.

d) Follow steps as per below link to install the certificate :
  1. Right-click your certificate and select Install Certificate. The Certificate Import Wizard window is displayed.
![](upload://jb1ADJ9a0GqjjDGBerJBPL7nLPY.png "image_62.png")
  1. Select Local Machine and click Next.
  2. Click Yes to allow this app to make changes to your PC. The Certificate Import Wizard window is displayed.
![](upload://fQQNO4ChE2Us9tx3eGsxjAMeUs.png "image_63.png")

If the Local Machine option or the Certificate Import Wizard window is not displayed, perform the steps spanning between 3.1 and 3.11. Otherwise, you can move on to step 4.
3.1. Start

3.2. On the File menu, click Add/remove Snap-in. The Add or Remove Snap-in window is displayed.
3.3. Double-click Certificates. The Certificates Snap-in window is displayed.![](upload://d3cy0nQ7brcHxZd7TtpuMioApcY.png "image_64.png")

3.4. Select the Computer account option and click Next. The Select Computer step is displayed.
3.5. Select Local computer, click Finish. The Certificates Snap-in window closes.
3.6. In the Add or Remove Snap-in window, click OK. Your setting are saved, and the Certificated for the Local Computer are displayed in the Microsoft Management Console.
3.7. Ensure the Certificates node contains the "(Local computer)" phrase. Expand the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder and click Certificates.

![](upload://68gScWPh964QoUcukrLJnHbpY6p.png "image_65.png")

. 3.8. Right-click Certificates, and select All Tasks > Import. The Certificate Import Wizard window is displayed, confirming that you are importing the certificate in the Local machine store. If the certificate is not imported in the Local machine store, it is not be recognized by the Robot.

![](upload://66iFFqjq36p6iIZhZRxOo1onxiB.png "image_67.png")

3.9. Click Next. A field that enables you to browse for the certificate is displayed.
3.10. Select the file to be imported, and click Next. The Certificate Store step is displayed, which confirms that you are importing to the Trusted Root Certification Authority.

![](upload://qc24DlMDzMza0DvaqTXn719fPoZ.png "image_68.png")

3.11. Click Next and then Finish. The The import was successful. message should be displayed as in the screenshot below.

![](upload://bD28ik7q1apMROkmfh9uMYyBLxN.png "image_69.png")

3.12. Proceed by moving on to step 9.

  1. Select Place all certificates in the following store.
  2. Click Browse and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities from the Select Certificate Store window..
  3. Click OK, followed by Next. The Select Certificate Store window closes.
![](upload://8EIUwRohD7eQJdgbvAoC3QG6jF9.png "image_70.png")
  1. In the Certificate Import Wizard, click Next. The Completing the Certificate Import Wizard step is displayed.
  2. Click Finish.
![](upload://yY9eewnzqLM7N0UB6at7xDWEb7.png "image_71.png")

e)Restart the robot service and try to refresh the ML skill in ML extractor.