Aggregator Report preparation

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create one Aggregator Report in excel file after process end using UiPath RE-Framework. So this part as of now would be in the end state of Performer bot. There in the report I want to mention in the
“Process start time” when any transaction item will start from the get transaction state
Process end time" when any particular transaction would be finished
“process name”
“sub module name” if any error will be occurred, or else it would be blank
“Status” as success or failed as this process would be queue based process.
“Reason” if the status is failed, then what is failure reason Application/business
“Remarks/Comments” where the exception reason would be written
these columns would high-level, after that some more information column would be there as per the business requirement,

Please give me some idea is these all information I can show in the queue and from there I can get into the excel report, or any other way is there, if anyone can explain , I would be helpful.

If any more information required, please feel free to ask.



If it is not a multi bot i would advice to do this after the success and failed status directly in try catch and process xaml that way you can get all information easily…

For sub process name you have to use a mechanism to write the value to asset before caml starts and then read and get the value if failed…

But if its a multibot then the value from the asset about sub process is to be retreived and added to the exception message it self and add to queue exception details using a separator so that you cna split and get the information

Processing time and all can be retreived directly feom queueitem processingtimestart and all available…

And also if multi bot make sure to create a lock mechanism to send or create report only once using assets again

For locking you cna create a asset and in end process check if asset is na then write the username and then again retreive and check if it is the same username environment.username eill give the details…if they match then create report else do not create as some other bot would have acquired the lock and after the process set it back to na for next run

Hope this helps


Thanks for this information. It is helpful indeed. In my scenario it is in the same bot. If possible can you explain little bit more for the specific columns I have mentioned to show on an Excel file, how would I get after set transaction status all these information or on any other way. At last bot will write all the information into one excel file. Bot already creating one report in the end state. But I want to add these columns also for improvisation and analysis of the process. this single bot is been used with RE-Framework. Your help is appreciated.
Once again thanks for the response.


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