Agent Desktop Processes Errors

Dear all,

I have a error message when executing Robot job.
The Project is doing well in Studio Run File mode.
After i publish as a pacakage and running on Agent Desktop… it show errors as below.
My Studio and Robot version is 2019.10.4…
I just upgrade the version from 2019.3.0… it run well before :((

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at lambda_method(Closure , ActivityContext )
at Microsoft.VisualBasic.[Activities]( `1.Execute(CodeActivityContext context) at System.Activities.CodeActivity` 1.InternalExecuteInResolutionContext(CodeActivityContext context)
at System.[Activities]([T](ActivityInstance parentInstance, Activity `1 expressionActivity) at System.Activities.InArgument` 1.TryPopulateValue(LocationEnvironment targetEnvironment, ActivityInstance activityInstance, ActivityExecutor executor)
at System.[Activities]( targetEnvironment, ActivityInstance targetActivityInstance, ActivityExecutor executor, Object argumentValueOverride, Location resultLocation, Boolean skipFastPath)
at System.[Activities]( argument, Int32 nextArgumentIndex, ActivityExecutor executor, IDictionary `2 argumentValueOverrides, Location resultLocation, Boolean isDynamicUpdate) at System.Activities.ActivityInstance.ResolveArguments(ActivityExecutor executor, IDictionary` 2 argumentValueOverrides, Location resultLocation, Int32 startIndex)
at System.[Activities]( executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager, Location resultLocation)

Can u debug and show the screen shot where exactly is the error