Agent Desktop - Ideas needed

Hi @MikeBlades! Would the Report Status activity work for you?

You give it a String and it displays it into Agent Desktop. Example:

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Hi @lakshman! That’s a good idea. I noted it down and we’ll look into it.


@radutzp Yes, yes it would work!

awesome. Thanks

Now as a “Robot apprentice”, im still learning, so where would one go to get some training on this please?


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I thought this would fire my job at the time I wanted and it did not.
Scheduling a job for execution is what I would like to see in a scheduler.

Thanks @radutzp

As for the progress of the status I mean, any way we can pop-up message of the ongoing activity by the robot… it’s something like the messaging for the user to know what’s going on… the message log can be added to by the programmer for ease purpose :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be awesome, if the process could also start automatically after scheduling an event e.g. timestamp, without asking for permission and clicking yes first.
Establishing an option button would be perfect. :slight_smile:

Hi @vinay_reddy! Good idea! Triggers are something we’re looking into.
There are a couple of questions that we still have regarding them:

  1. Does the end-user (business user) need to set up their triggers or is it enough for the RPA developer to set it up per process?
  2. What kind of triggers might be useful? Besides Mail, File, UI.

It would be great if you guys could give us some real-world scenarios where you would find triggers useful. Thanks!

I don’t think ReportStatus is mentioned in the Academy. I’m not sure about it. @cosminSimion do you know?
Still, you can look into the documentation and give it a try. It has only one parameter (the string to be displayed). Just to check it out, build a process that displays the number of seconds passed since it was started (1,2,3,…)

Thanks @Roman_Bradac. We’ll try to add this level of granularity too.

Hi @Rayudu_Addagarla, we know we’re lagging a bit behind the competition but we’re trying to catch up as quickly as possible :slight_smile:. We already added Pause/Resume, Background processes, Block User Input activity and, of course, the new dashboard that we’re discussing now.
The Attended space is something that we believe in and it’s something we’re gonna improve continuously in the following years.

A Attended robot that runs as needed so as not to interfere with human operations during working hours.
By setting a schedule as a mini-orchestrator, it can be run by an UnAttended robot at night.
The robot can be used effectively with one PC.

Hi Sayed - Thank you for your feedback. I’m curious about #5 - could you tell me more about what you’re looking for with forms and why?

#5 As dynamic form are build using
html with javascript .

Output of thep rocess is displayed in a form.
End user might have rights to chage the static part of the final
form dynamically at run time without going and opening the full project.


December 4
Hi Sayed - Thank you for your feedback. I’m curious about
#5 - could you tell me more about what you’re looking for with forms and

Hi @radutzp,

My suggestion as to improving Agent Desktop concerns Job Schedules.
One should be able to create, modify, disable and delete a job schedule from Agent Desktop.
Thank you.

In the below package, there is display Message activity. Which can show what bot is doing currently. Personally I found it useful when process time is more than a minute and if it involved multiple application. As the bot runs very quickly, we may not able to know which step it is doing.It would be great if uipath go provide such functionality as default activities.

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Hi @vasanth8891

This is already there :slight_smile:
Check out this activity:


Thanks. Useful one. This updated window is not there for me. I am using Uirobot 2019.10.3.

what would truly help is to see to WHICH Orchestrator & tenant the robot is connected


Can you please show the version of the bot when you hover over the bot name like it does in Robot? Also having to have the users re-establish their connection after a maintenance, causes quite a bit of heartache as most of our end users are not admins on their machine.