After Upgrade To 2021.10 From 2019 Custom Admin Role Is Not Working

Resolution for the the custom Admin role are not working, after upgrade to 2021.10 from 2019 .

Issue Description: After upgrade to 2021.10 from 2019 the custom Admin role is not working. User does not have access to ttps://<our orchestrator>/identity/management/users . The custom role named "RPA_Admin" was present earlier and after upgrade only users that had Orchestrator default role "Administrator" are able to access https://<our orchestrator>/identity/management/users.


  • Use the seeded admin role and create a new custom role with admin privileges
  • Remove any old roles with admin privileges from 2019 .

Root Cause: The issue is caused by the old version being used. The 2019 did not have the identity, now the newest 2021.10 changes several tables of identity whenever an update is done.

But when the update is done from 2019 to 2021.10 the customer admin roles are impacted because of the new update of the tables.