After upgrade to 2021.10.4 - browser error, Studio crashed

After upgraded to 2021.10.4 two days ago, I’ve got two issues:

  1. this error in the browser add-on (I’ve tried: delete, reinstall, restart computer - no results):

  2. Studio closed by itself (running two instances in the same time) and my file has been corrupted; the recovery feature doesn’t fix the file and all my work has been lost (even I’ve saved my work many times before crash happened).


check below for your reference

Hope this will help you



  1. I had the same problem with chrome extension after update to 21.4.5. I had to reinstalled chrome and install extension once again. It’s fixed my issue.

Thanks, Piotr.

What version have you upgraded from?

What does the extension error say exactly at hover?

Usually, a simple browser restart should solve the issue. Make sure you stop all Chrome process including the ones running in the background.

Updated from 2021.10.3.
This is the error from hover:


As I’ve said, I’ve tried restarting, reinstalling etc.
Anyway, it seems to work normally, despite of that displayed error.

Hi Thomas, @IPIX

Ok. Still, there should be an error message there … could you please click on the extension icon and let me know what is it?

Thank you

I had exacly the same issue after upgrade on-prem from 2020.4.3 to 2021.4.5.
Extension for Edge and Chrome didn’t work correctly and I had the same icon as @IPIX.
In my case helped reinstalation of webrowsers. So it isn’t a single case.
My OS is WS2016.

This is the message from the icon:


Somehow, after days, it dissapear.

Without a thorough investigation, it’s hard to say what the problem is.
I have a hunch that your Chrome is running background apps - this usually happens when you are using various other apps/extensions. These background apps prevent Chrome from restarting entirely even when it’s explicitly closed.