After updating to 2023.4.0 I get "error BC30456: 'SizeInKB' is not a member of 'DirectoryInfo'."

I use the activity ‘For Each Folder in Folder’ (UiPath.Core.Activities.ForEachFolderX), till now with no issues.
I’ve now updated to Studio 2023.4.0 without changing anything in the code/automation and immediately after the update, when I try to run the automation, I get this error about the activity ‘For Each Folder in Folder’:

Please advise.

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Can you try removing it and re add again…

Or alternately add the same activity again and give the values in that

Hope that should solve it


I tried it and I got the same error.

Hi @Udiar ,

Could you let us know the Dependency versions that are being used ?

Also, Update the Dependency versions to the latest stable versions if in preview versions and check if you are able to resolve the issue.

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Can you create a new project and see if the issue persists…

Can you try changing or updating the system activities version please

And when you remove the value…try removing it and save the value…then reopen and add the value back


Thank you very much.
As you advised, Updating the Dependency versions solved the issue.

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