After updating to 19.9.2, I got GetFeeds Timed out error when I run through batch as test

Version: UIPath Studio Community Edition 19.9.2

Normally I try to test what I created as below batch script.

“C:\Users\aaa\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.9.2\UiRobot.exe” -file “C:\Users\aaa\OneDrive\UiPath\WebCrawling\Test.xaml”

However, after updating it took so long to get response then “GetFeeds Timed out” error is shown again and again. Please let me know where I need to look into. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to uipath community
This command would work actually
Kindly try once executing the xaml directly from studio and if that works
Check once with the uipath exe file path and restart your machine and try executing this bat file

Cheers @MakiMaki_Maki

Thanks for prompt response. I’m afraid I forgot to add this.
The strange is that this xaml file works when directly executing from studio as Debug mode.
And I tried to restart or do this on other machine but anytime I get same “GetFeeds Timed out.” through batch results…

After restarting it works now. Thanks you for your support.

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