After some record selector not work

Hi I am facing issue on click button by hotkey throw then error as mention in screen shot.
eg this throw the error on 8th record then I again execute the application then it run for 8 and throw the error in 9th record then I again execute the application from start then it work for 9th record and throw the error for 10th record and so on.Shall any one help me please for sort out this issue

I also check in ui explorer



Remove the Title attribute from selector and then try once.

The button is not coming up after a certain number of records are processed. As @lakshman suggested, remove the title attribute or the parentid attribute and try running again.

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Hi @Aditya10989

I have the same suggestion… remove the title of introduce a wildcard for the title and check

thanks for reply @lakshman not work

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You haven’t removed the title attribute from the selector

I removed the title as it show in omit as mention screen shot

Dont use omit… select that part and remove it entirely from the selector

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ok thanks let me try

@Lahiru.Fernando not work

Hold on… just had a closer look onto the error screenshots above. In the error, the selector says the aaname attribute has the value “yes” where as in your selector here the aaname has close claim. This is why you are getting the error. At some point in your process, does the name of this button change from close claim to yes?

no its always claim button not yes I don’t know why its showing aaname yes actually. when I getting error I also check web browser yes but I did not found I also try this but not work

@AndyMenon thanks for reply but button always come I don’t know where this got aaname=‘yes’ where I am getting error I take the screen shot.In screen shot button always come then selector why not showing button after some records.Please suggest me how can I resolve this

@lakshman As you mention remove title When I remove title then element exist button return false so its not work after removing title. this close claim button appear always I also add delay then why its showing me aaname=‘yes’ this yes not mention any where.when I am getting this error its return true element exist close claim button.means close claim button exist when I am getting error but I am not able to click on close claim button and throw the error as mention in screen shot

Use activate window of Message Box.
Then Try using aaname=claim…
On error try using aaname=yes