After Right click the options minimizes


I am trying to automate a Dashbaord where i have to Right click on a button then select one of the option in the menu displayed after right click…

Once i right click, the menu appears, but then when i want to Add an activity to click on required option within menu, the menu minimizes (Dissapears) How can i get it done

The below menu appears after right click activity is added


Further i am looking to click on open Dashbaord but it dissapears when i perform any activity or switch the pages

Fine once we use click activity to click on the menu, that is right click,
—use another click activity and while we are about to select the element ( now the popul will disappear as you said ), press F2 key so that we get three seconds of haunt time where you can see the time running down right to the screen
—In that time we can right click and set menu ready
—After that three seconds again we will be asked to select the element and at that time we can make selection

Hope this would help you
Cheers @AqibAhmed

Also if you are having trouble with solution above, try finding hotkey for that action and then use Send Hotkey activity