After processing an invoice in ERP, robot does not process the second one

Dear all,

I am processing invoices in ERP and the first invoice of datatable is always proceeded, after that, the process start again from the inicial windows. The problem comes in the second invoice to proceed because robot does not type the data to invoice. It is like robot does not find the cells to fill. And the error appears at the second window robot needs to attach.

So, robot does not fill data in the second invoice in the first window attached.

Do you know how can I know if the robot is finding the cells that must be filled? It is to know if it is finding the windows or something like that.

I cannot attach the xaml file as it contains private information.

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Have you developed the workflow by using the first invoice as a reference? Means using the screens of that one invoice?
If yes then make some changes tin the selectors and make sure there are no elements static to one invoice.

If you can try processing any other invoice other than the one running then it’ll confirm whether the issue is with the selectors having invoice1 data or something else

I get a data table in Excel of the data to proceed. After that I use for each row from DT, and assign data to variables. Then I attach ERP windows to fill the data. When processing an invoice it changes of window in ERP to complete the process. When you save in ERP it begins again from the first window. Here it appears the issue, because robot does not type anything.


When one successful transaction is done, the page automatically comes back to the initial page but even though the page is same the robot doesn’t type anything.

Do you get any error? Any selector that failed?

This seems to be like a attach window selector issue. Make aure the selector doesn’t have any part that changes after ine successful transaction.

Suggest you to provide the selector failed/error message and also, get selector for one transaction then manually perform the transaction successfully, then once the robot comes back to that screen then create a new selector with same element as that of before. You understand what needs to be removed or marked as wildcard.

this approach you can do for any selector that is failing

I have checked and the selector does not change. The error in the second invoice appears when robot does not find the second windows. Robot does not type anything, but it is like it was doing all steps (but they are not done) until robot does not find the second windows.

This makes me think that robot is finding the first window but it is not typing due to some issue. But the error appears when it tries to find the second window.

i still think the attach window is the pain point.

Can you do a debug run with highlight element on? Add a break point where the bot enters the first data field in the first page, check whether it’s able to detect the field and check the local panel whether the values are updated correctly

I think the pais is the “idx”. It is changing.

The issue is that i just have aastate and title. Title is not working ,and if I delete idx robots writes everything in the first cell.

you can replace the id part with wildcard, just replace 6 with a *

This should make it dynamic

Validate the selector after this and see if it is recognizing the elements in first and second transaction.