After kill process, the taskbar icon is still there

Hi ,my friends
I encountered a problem. In my scene, I need to open and close an application repeatedly for special reasons. When I use Kill process(argument is processname) to close the application, there will still be left in the taskbar of my computer. The icon of this application. When I repeat the action of opening the program and closing the program, more and more icons will appear.
How can I solve this situation?
Thank you

Hi @maxzz

Can you show us that how you are giving the application name in processname.


Can you please show us what you have entered in process name? Also, Process name does not requires any extension. For example if you want to close excel application the process name should be “excel” only.

like “excel”

After testing, I found that using “Close Window” can directly close the application I said without leaving any icons in the taskbar. Thank you all.

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