After IBM Lotus Mail Activity 'To' mail ID is not exist in mail form

Good Afternoon to all,

Actually recently I Create a activity with Lotus Notes but i face some issues in activity…When finished my send activity then i checked and confirm my send mail activity in my lotus panel. But only shown the From Mail ID but not included the send mail ID…

My Workflow:

So, How to get the Send ‘To’ mail ID in my send activity.

Hi @ARahman

Check this

ashwin S

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Hi @AshwinS2, Thanks for your reply but it’s not of my expectation answer.

Actually I have no error on my automation task but when i completed a task then i check in my lotus notes send mail and find it with included only from(my noted id) but not included which mail id i send this mail with file(To ID is blank). Please check my attachment.

So, my question is that how to included it.

Thanks again.

How to configure or mange it? After Email automation Send Mail ID is not exist in send mail message.

Anyone can help on this topic @Pablito, @Lahiru.Fernando, @lakshman.

Is is possible to this automation?

RPA Process:

Output mail activity:

Hi @ARahman,
Which version of IBM Notes do you have?

FYI, @Pablito,

IBM Notes 9 | Social Edition
Release Version - 9.0.1

Can you try to test it with only Send IBM Notes Mail Message activity where all data are manually provided without using any variable etc?

@Pablito, Thanks for your reply. I already used the “Send IBM Notes Mail Message” activity without variable but i think it’s another issues.

@Pablito, Good Morning.
I already try same automation with another mail activity with outlook or gmail but all are ok. But why IBM Lotus not showing the send Mail ID. Please suggest if have any option that need to enabled for this automation…
Thanks I’m waiting for your valuable reply.

I forgot to ask. Is mail properly received on the mailbox to which you are sending it? If yes then I think problem is on Lotus Notes.

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@ARahman I have seen this issue before. Both To and Cc fields are empty in the Sent folder. From what I know so far, the problem resides in the API interface that IBM Notes provides and might not be able to be fixed. I will still wait for the answer to @Pablito 's question. On top of this, one of my own. If you move the mail to another folder, does the problem still persist? Once moved, also try to Get the mail message and see if the fields are there, but maybe not displayed.

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For anyone stumbling into this issue, we have done a fix for this kind of problems. This is available starting 20.6 release.