After file is Unzipped, Getfile returns index out of bounds message

Hi Everyone,

I am using the unzip feature by BalaReva which works fine but when I use the Directory.Getfiles feature after unzipping and placing the file in a separate folder. I get the index out of bounds even though there is one unzipped file in the folder. Any ideas what I am doing incorrect? Note the String


Whether your folder contains only the zip filess???
If no then use below code to get only the zip files from the folder,
ArrString = Directory.GetFiles(“YourFolderPath”,“.zip”).

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Hi Manish,

Thanks but its the content ( a 3d print file with extension *.form) in the zip file that I am attempting to access via start process activity. Its when I attempt that step I get the out of bound index message. Including when I look at the variable to store the path and filename of the .form object to be used, I notice the count says 0…Eventhough the file is in the folder where Getfiles is looking…