After Every 3 or some X transactions completed Bot should refresh the browser


I want to refresh my browser page, after every 3 transactions processed(It may depends on the need, sometimes after every 2 or 4 or … transactions also we need to refresh the browser).

Can I please get an example. Thanks !!

Hi @maddy99

Are you using REFramework (Robotic Enterprise Framework)? The REFramework allows you to check the transactionNumber variable and refresh browser.
Why do you need to refresh browser?

Hello @GreenTea ,

Yes…Iam using RE framework, but here what my need is…

In a portal, I will be searching for some number and will be working on that number in the same page.

Once done, I will search for new number in the same page search box…

So my data one by one will be moving from Get Trans to Process.xaml.

But, each time I cannot refresh my page…as it takes 2 to 3 seconds more for each record.

For that, I was trying to refresh for every 3 records. Then the temp data or cache data will be cleared and there won’t be any issue with the portal for processing my other records.

For this, I was just checking like how I can refresh the browser for every 3 records… By using Transaction Number.

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Hi @maddy99

What you meant by portal? Is it orchestrator or target application ?

Hi @GreenTea ,

Portal is a client website, which I will be working on…

hi @maddy99

use variable in_TransactionNumber and increment it for every record success.

create a variable refresh_no and pass it from orchestror assets (you can give 2,4,6)

if refreshno>=transactionnumber
use refresh browser activity (for this you need to pass browser session variable)
increament refreshnumber with value from asset
refreshnumber =refreshnumber+value passed from asset

by this way you will have the power to change value from asset, and refresh number will be incremented according to that value

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Hi @maddy99

In addition to @amalmarella suggestion, you may want to test if the refresh browser actually cleared the temp data or cache data. See this post that mentions the difference between F5 (reload) versus CTRL + F5 (forced reload)

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You might choose to implement navigate to activity after every Nth transaction and the url would be the target page where you need to process transaction. This approach would work if the website is not using SPA(Single page application) design.


Hi @amalmarella ,

Thanks for the help…I will try this and update you…

Hi @GreenTea ,

Sure, Thanks…Will check this…

Hi @Subhas_Malik ,

Cheers! You, @amalmarella, @GreenTea . You all have given a new thoughts…Will work on this and update you all…