After downloading file from IE

I want to know why once after I downloaded csv file from IE , RPA process is stop.

Once, I download csv file.
Second I save csv file.

Next I made RPA click some button, But It doesn’t work.
And If I didn’t download file, It work.

How can I continue RPA activity after downloading file.

Is your selector correct?

My selector seems correct because I can attach browser before downloading file.
But after I downloaded file, It seems the same selector can’t attach the browser again.

Are you having trouble with the bot not being able to select the Save buttons from the yellow band? Try having the bot perform a click action directly on the yellow band, and then click Save or the drop down arrow to select Save As.

This method has worked for me in the past in IE.

Thank you form your advise.

I can click Save button on yellow band.
The problem is that after clicking Save button, the process is frozen.
( It supposed to click other buttons on main page.)
And after freezing few minutes , the process restart unstably.

I solved this trouble with changing other button’s property of WaitForReady from INTERACTIVE to NONE.

I want to know whether this way is common knowledge.


Thanks a lott, you saved my day!