After Data Scraping

Hi Experts!

After data scraping a table, I want to read through each column. What activities would I use to do this. I wrote my data scrape into a blank csv file, and I want to find a specific column with a total.


Hi @Pranav_KomandurPK

Lets Assume,

dtTable - Data Table

write dtTable2 using write range activity for specific column,

dtTable2 = dtTable.Defaultview.ToTable(False,"Yourcolumnname")).copytodatatable

For finding total,

dtTable.AsEnumerable().Sum(Function(row) cint(row(“ColumnName”)))


Can you give an example on that data table? What you want to do?

I want to add each of the Account Numbers under “Acct” into JDE. I want it to go through each account number.

I want it to go through each account number under “Acct” how would I do that

  1. Read data from excel to Data Table with read range activity
  2. Filter Data Table with filter activity
  3. Do a For Each Row acitivity over the data table