After Cost Benefit Analysis Is Completed For An Idea Why Is There No Option To Approve Idea For Qualification Stage

After completing Cost-benefit analysis, why is the option of approval not available to move the idea from Assessment phase to Qualification phase?

After completing the Cost-benefit analysis for an idea, there is no option available to approve the idea and move it to the Qualification stage.

An idea moves from the Assessment stage to the Qualification stage and the option of approval (for CoE / Citizen Developer) is available to the user (with appropriate roles and permissions) if the Detailed Assessment is completed and submitted.

To perform the Detailed Assessment for an Idea, follow the steps given below,

  1. Login to Automation Cloud > Navigate to Automation Hub > Workspace > Automation Pipeline
  2. For the idea, click on the More options (three dots) > Select the option 'View Automation Profile'
  1. On the Idea profile page, Click on the 'Edit' button
  1. Navigate to the 'Detailed Assessment' and fill in the required details. Once completed, click on the 'Submit Assessment' option on the bottom.
  1. Once the Assessment is submitted, the phase of the idea is updated to 'Qualification' and the 'More Actions' has options for Approval.