After copying data from Sheet A to Sheet B, sheet B 's cell loses the formula

Hi there,

I have succeeded in getting robot to copy specific column from Sheet A to Sheet B.
However, this action causes the formulas in Sheet B to be deleted. (as robot copy wholesale)
I need to retain the specific formulas in the respective cells in Sheet B.
Please enlighten me on how to do it.
Thank you


How you are updating the values in the Sheet B. use Write Cell of Excel inside Excel Scope, actually UiPath using documentformat.openxml.dll which will assign cell value without updating formula. If you need to write formula as well then we have to pass both for the same cell.

Hi. I used write range inside excel scope to copy data from sheet A to sheet B. I had thought of 2 scenarios:

  1. use range but that will be difficult . Eg: The range I need to copy is S18:S250 but however there are formulas in Sheet B ( S:28) so I need to retain this formula . This is hard to do as there are too many cells in the column to repeat the action.
  2. Get RPA to auto tabulate on cell S28. and another 2 other cells I wish to retain formula.

I believe Scenario 2 is better and easy. However I cannot find any App in RPA to do calculation for me .