After converted Excel not opening

Hi, I have some files in CSV format so I have to convert into .xlsx format to use the Vlookup operation and filtration. But now the excel is not opening.
I just want to know, To use Vlookup and filteration is it require to convert into .xlsx format or I can use the same opertion in .csv format.

But when I created it’s not opening

@HareeshMR @Palaniyappan @lakshman

Do one thing @balkishan,

Read CSV and store in datatable and then use write range to write in excel

Direct conversion will damage the files :slight_smile:

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I have to do for all the files. I have multiple files not a single file

Hi, If you see my approach first I have stored all files in an Array,
2. The use the loop to pass the array name
3. Use the Read CSV store in a DT
4. Use write range and give the appropriate path with the extension name.
But it convert the first file successfully for second file it throw me this error.

you want me to give delay or it’s something wrong

May be the file is open and you are trying to open it again. Make sure that file is closed and even check the task manager and confirm all your opened files are closed

My bad it was opened, But if you see bro I have total 2 files, first file it converted succeessfully and open fine in xlsx format. But when processing for second file it show this error.
Both files have same format and working fine. the why it’s showing .csv is invalid format.

@HareeshMR Only the problem with this file, But it’s opening fine. Then how do I find where is the problem in file. image

That was strange issue . I hope it is opening manually. So, try changing the delimiter to some other and open the file. If it works, please let me know.

If it still gives the error, please try changing the extension to upper case CSV @balkishan

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