After adding custom activity in ui path no input type show in properties

Hi I am new in ui path.kindly help to resolve this issue.I create custom activity code mention below after install in ui path in properties no input avalue and bvalue,result showing.kindly help me to resolve this issue.Thanks in advance

public class Add :CodeActivity
public InArgument Avalue;
public InArgument Bvalue;
public OutArgument Result;
protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context)
var a = Avalue.Get(context);
var b = Bvalue.Get(context);
Result.Set(context, (a + b));

kindly help me…!!!

what is the it can be resolve

Instead of
public InArgument Avalue;

public InArgument<Int32> Avalue {get; set;}

And the same thing with Bvalue and Result. I’d recommend following the instructions here to the letter to familiarize yourself with the process.

@DanielMitchell Let me try.Thank you so much for your help

@DanielMitchell I create new application use public InArgument int32(int32 is inside tag when I try to write down int32 inside tag then datatype removed from this post don’t why).Avalue in all but error not resolved error getting same and above code I also used int datatype Avalue ,Bvalue,result but When I paste the code here datatype int automatically removed.So, please help me how it can resolved.thanks in advance

Thanks resolved its nuget package related issue.