After 2019.6.0 update previously working robot cant distinguish 2 separate fields

Hello there,

After UIPath automatically upgraded to 2019.6.0 my previously working process fails at the very beginning.

Robot can’t distinguish 2 separate fields (corresponding with uname and pwd) despite that in version 2019.5.0 there was no such problem.

Here are selectors from the fields:

Second one differs only in the

"wnd ctrlname=‘mtbUser’ "


Whole action takes place on RDP.

I set two variables holding username and password values, using ‘assign’ actions. Then I try to pass them into right fields: username variable into username field, and password into password field. What I get now, is both variables typed into first (username) field.

Funny thing is that UIPath highlights those fields correctly, when ‘highlight’ button is pressed.

Is that normal after updates that used to be perfectly working projects, are now bugged? And that’s just the beginning of the process that’s causing problems in the new UIPath version - Im affraid to think what can wait for me after that.


Hi @M_B,
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Just to be sure. Have you tried to downgrade UiPath.System.Activities and UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities to 19.5 version? Is the problem still?

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I have not :wink: I will try as you suggested and post feedback here. Thanks for the tip.