Advise on Upskilling

Hi Guys I am RPA Developer who is not working currently , am thinking of upskilling myself to utilize my time. Could you guys please advise on what would be beneficial to learn in order to grow as an Automation consultant. I DO NOT have knowledge of JAVA, C, C#, VB.Net or Python.
options I could come up with -

  1. Python - being the latest scripting language,But am not sure if it can be used in UiPath, meaning if we can use it in UiPath to write custom code.
  2. VB.Net - UiPath is build on VB, and also to extend or write custom code VB.Net is needed …is that true. VB.Net is old, does it make sense to learn it now?
    Feel free to give any alternate skill that would enhance my knowledge , help me get a job.

Many Thanks.

It will make sense to learn VB.Net even now. It will also give you an edge to understand C# for .Net, since Microsoft will discontinue support for VB.Net in the future. Not to mention, learning these coding languages opens the door for being able to create custom activities for UiPath that UiPath Studio cannot provide.

I think learning #2 in your list is going to be the most beneficial.

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Thanks a lot Anthony.

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