Advantages of queue over API call

Queues are designed to store list of values basically a container to store value first and then process as per the requirement.
Advantages :

  1. When dealing with large list of records and want to make sure that there are NO DUPLICATES in the results , using queues is an excellent solution.
  2. Unlike REST API , there is no Credential Expiration issue faced.
  3. Data can be fetched from Text, huge Excel or tones of emails email.
  4. Auto-Retry property of queue is enabled then orchestrator will resend the item for re-processing by changing the item stature to retried.
  5. Queue data and transaction can be seen in one platform(Orchestrator ) along with status of transaction item (new, in-progress , successful or failed) which gives us feasibility to monitor or track data easily.
  6. To Process data in Robot , we can set Priority which data needs to be processed first
  7. Can process data under a particular time or date frame by using property available by providing value at due date or defer time property.

Mansi Choubey

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