Advanced Web Scraping (includes downloading PDFs, etc.)

Can someone point me to any tutorials for advanced web scraping using UiPath? I want to be able to do the following. Refer to the link: Prime Clerk. The table on the website contains first column with blue plus signs, which when clicked expand with more data and links to PDF files. Basically, I want to scrape 1) the data from the expanded view into excel and 2) download the PDF files.
Thank you!

Buddy @ali-24

Welcome to UiPath community buddy, and thats a good question to start with

Here you go the url that you would love to see

Kindly try these stuffs buddy,

Thanks. I’ve already done the first two items that you’ve mentioned but they don’t answer my question. The web scraping that I want to perform is a bit more complex than what’s described in those links.

The third item - that’s I believe is a bit different topic. I need to download PDFs while doing web scraping, vs extracting data from PDF.