Advanced training Assignment no. 1 evaluation issue (0/100)

I submitted the robot in the course, with zip file. The email used in Academy is same as the one in ACME System1. And the credential was read from Orchestrator( with same email as well. However, I got the 0/100 and the robot was not run actually. Did anyone meet same issue as mine? Could any suggestion be shared to submit the result to the training?

Hello there,
Take a look here. :slight_smile:

Dear @ddpadil thanks for response. I checked the probable rootcase

  1. Submit assignment before running the robot, or reset data on ACME and then submit. Have to wait for evaluation before Reset test data. - I reset all data in ACME before I submit the robot. And no reset during evaluation
  2. Parsing strings(attention to details). Ex.: leading or trailing spaces - There is no spaces in consolidated string
  3. Not using the same email for both Academy and ACME - the email for Academy is same as ACME. Actually we use username but not email to login Academy, don’t we?

Could be any other issue @UiPath ?

Could anyone help me on this issue? If any other missing when I submitted the result? @UiPath @ovi

It is fixed. Not sure what the problem is. But I submitted it again, and 100/100 now. :sweat_smile:

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