Advanced Training - Assignment No.1 - ACME Unautorhized issue

I am working with the work items update for the homework of assignment No.1 for advanced training, and encounter unautorhized error after I reset my test data, it works fine before that, the error popup when navigator to the URL of work item details , eg, in_Config(“System1 URL”).ToString+"/work-items/"+in_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString, and the error screen as below:

I am able to type the URL and access it manually, but when running it using the flow , error will shows.
Can anyone take a minute to look into this and help to advice on this, thanks a million in advance.

Hi @Molly

look your IE properties and check that the scripting is enabled for your browser!


I had a similar problem. I tried to Navigate to the page “” + In_ClientNum, and ended up in the Unautorhized page. Using Writeline to see exactly what I was trying to access, it was clear that the client number was not passed correctly as an argument, so I was trying to access a page that did not exist. Maybe something similar has happened to you :slight_smile: