Advanced Training - Assignment 2: Process slows down dramatically

Dear Community,

I’m currently stuck at the Assignment 2 because for whatever reason the Process slows down extremely after saving the first available Monthly Report from which the Yearly Report is generated. The Process does not fail but the Time between the Actions takes around 3 Minutes. The strange thing about this is that when I start the process(System1_createYearlyReport.xaml) from Studio this Problem does not appear. It only appears if the Process is run from the Framework. So the Process on his own works correctly. I really don’t know how to debug this.

If i run the Framework in Debug I see that it struggles with clicking the buttons and picking the months from drop down, which are selected normally before saving the first available csv file. After clicking the UI Elements, the saving window pops up and the process returns to normal speed. Since it loops through every month in a year it slows down again when it has to pick a new value in the dropdown.
Again the process still goes on. It never breaks. It only takes forever.

I run it in internet Explorer. I have already tried out Firefox but then he cannot read the pop up window correctly. I cannot use chrome because of company policy.

Pls help. Banging my head against this for 3 days now…

Hey @BobBuilder,
I guess what would be happening is it must be generating the first two or three month report at a normal rate and then taking 4-5 min per month without getting timed out?

If i’m right, Try setting the WaitForReady property of click activity for month to NONE. Worked for me!


Have a look at below posts these might help you -


thanks @PrankurJoshi @Rishabh_Lakhera works like a charm :wink:

Hey Thanks !! it works !!

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Hi am not getting it. Can you please attach the photo of this part of workflow please… I am just about to complete this assignment but it get very slow after first transaction.

Hey same issue for me also… But for selecting month I used select Item activity.
And one more thing in my case if I execute CreateYearlyReport work alone it runs very fast but not in whole workflow.