Advanced Training assignment 2 problems

Im sure many of you already did the second assignment of the advanced training in the academy. Though I really get frustrated here. Ive done everything correct and my robots work as intended. But the first time Internet Explorer 11 just started to take 2 minutes per action after it uploaded the first years report. Now I had to debug the whole code again for using firefox, just to see that you are not able to retrieve the upload confirmation code from the dialog box which is a known issue in the forum it seems but wasnt adressed by any of the devs. Does anybody know a solution?

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hello @Splush58
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to get confirmation code use IE.
. you can use IE for all project or only that workflow where you get confirmation code

Note: open IE browser with Reports - Upload Yearly Report’ page before run the process

chrome and Mozilla browser has a problem with the pop box


Right, I could switch browsers in mid workflow. Great idea, will try that

it will works, i already tried same idea