Advanced Training Assignment 2 - Extract client information

Hello everyone, I am doing the 2nd assigment in advanced training and have problem in “Extract client information” step.

I tried to split the scrapped info from “Client information” (output variable: text) and got an error “cannot assign System.String to System.String”, which is very weird for me because the scrapped text should be in String format.
Even when I tried to make it to String (refer to the picture), it still did not work.

COuld anyone please explain me why and what should I do?
Thank you so much and happy automation :smiley:

Hi @Anh_Tran,
the variable type of text is array of string (String) and not string. Change that to string and try.

Thanks, originally I set tthe type of text as String but got the same message (Please see screenshot), that’s why I tried to change it to String, included a new var type String and assigned it but still did not work…!

Can you tell what is the argument type for out_ClientID.

It’s String as well

Your out_ClientID should be array of string.

Yes thank you, it worked!

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