Advanced Training Assignment - 2 days over ,still showing for waiting for evaluation

Hi All, I have submitted advance training assignment-1 2 days before still it showing ,waiting for evaluation , I have contacted UIPath academy also here but no response. can some one pls suggest way forward

Hey @sudhakar.sharma

Let’s wait for today since today in Sunday… If you don’t get a reply may be by tomorrow or day after, then let us know…

There are couple of posts by people on the same scenario. May be something is wrong on their end, but it will be fixed soon.



@Lahiru.Fernando I got evaluation result,it got failed as last WI5 is not updating with hash code. i.e if 12 items are their only first 11 are updated

I checked I have initialize transaction No with 1 on Main.xml

and use this assign condition in getTransactionItem

out_TransactionItem = in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber -1 )

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I am able to resolve issue :slight_smile: cheers

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