Advanced Training Assignment 1 - Uploading Finished Workflow


The instructions say to upload your “Client Security Hash Workflow”.

But I assume I will be breaking the process down by using Invoke Workflow activity.
Am I supposed to zip and upload the whole project folder?

If someone could help, I would really appreciate it. I don’t know exactly what is required.

Thanks, Dave

You are correct, ZIP and upload the entire project directory. At least, that is what I did any encountered no issues.

Thanks Tyler, much appreciated.

Hi Can someone,Please let me know in which format do i have to upload the assignment.
I tried with zip folder or XML file but when click on Upload file its not at all recognizing the XML or Zip file.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Ram,

Only thing I can think of is did you first upload the youtube link?

I found that if you upload the youtube link first, it is not possible to then upload workflow file. (I think you can upload EITHER workflow OR youtube link but not both)

I compressed my whole workflow folder and it uploaded ok.


Thanks for your reply Dave, Initially I faced some problem in uploading the zip file, but after multiple attempts it was successfully uploaded.

Best Regards,


Is anybody has upload issue when trying to upload archive file?
For my part, when I select ZIP file, enter name, then “send” file, I’m stopped by “Incomplete file upload. No file loaded” message.
I tried on IE and on Chrome. I have the same issue whereas button indicate “COMPETED”.