Advanced Training: Assignment 1 - Unable to create blank sequence in System1 Folder

hello, sorry but I am completely lost here. right off the bat of the Assignment 1, I already in trouble. The part where it says “Create a blank sequence in the System1 folder”… I created the folder, but I don’t know how to create or put a blank sequence in it. I tried right-clicking on the folder, but there’s no option too. Please help. Thanks in advance.

When within a project you want to create a sequence or flowchart click on the new button

Then just select a proper folder path


hi Prankur,

thanks for responding, actually I tried that too, but somehow, I cannot change the location field, it is only set to the root folder the “…” is disabled for me, do you by chance know what I am doing wrong?

you can create a folder outside of uiPath studio, once created the click on refresh button in UiPath studio, new folder will appear on project structure, now you can create new workflow under your main folder and just drag and drop inside your System1 folder.

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aha, thanks Divyashreem, I guess that’s just really the way to go with this. ok, one issue solved. :slight_smile:

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