Advanced training assignment 1 - _Test and RunAllTests

Hi, could anybody explain how I use _test and RunAllTests workflows?
It looks like _test workflow is set up to test the InitAllSettings workflow. Am I supposed to just invoke other workflows from here to test them as I build them?
Do I run this on the completed project?

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what did you discover? I am having the same concern

_Test is only for check if your Config.xlsx is loaded and working fine or to test your Init xaml.

For the Test_Framework folder which has RunAllTest:


After each component is built, unit testing should be conducted. If every component is thoroughly tested, the integration runs more smoothly, and debugging lasts for a shorter period of time. The REFramework contains a Test_Framework folder where all the test files should be placed. Using the RunAllTests.xaml file, a developer can test a sequence containing a lot of .xaml files automatically, thus being able to try out small integrations between components and to run stress tests. A report is generated at the end of each test. Typically, these kinds of tests should be executed outside of office hours, in testing environments, to optimize the developer’s time.


Hi @nadim.warsi,
Can you help with how exactly the Test_Framework can be used for Unit Testing and functional testing. I searched but could not get an example of HOW exactly this framework can be used.
"Assert Unit Activity " how it can be implemented
Please help if anyone has used this framework.

I would like to know the same. Could you find something?