Advanced Training Assignment 1 PLEASE HELP!


the assign to out_transactionItem=inWIList(in_TransactionNumber-1)


Can you show me your Invoke GetTransacionData invoke mapping and inside the that the if condition.
Seems the WIList is not having any value so its erroring out


Yes you are right WIList is not having any value so what value should go in WIList


To what value did you assign the output of ExtractWI5Items workflow?
I should be a local variable in Main like WIList with General Business Process scope

Use that same here :slight_smile:


Thanks I heard a datarow array variable but was not sure if was supposed to use it

And in the If statement should I keep it like this

OR this



Yes, looks good.
This is how it is supposed to be:


It’s still giving the same warning


Can you print your WIList count just before the if condition?
Also, where you have extracted the WIList have you mapped the out argument to WIList?
otherwise it does not connect


I am getting lost nw where should I map it?:thinking:



The bottom part is fine.
The issue is here:

System1 Extract Work Items
This should map to an out argument say out_WIList
Then you refresh your Invoke for System1 Extract Work Items and assign to WIList variable that you already have in your Main vaiables

Then you are good :slight_smile:


Seems like there is progress still getting this error


I think some argument has changed in your invoke GetTransactionData
Can you click on Import Arguments and then see if any thing changes/errors/blank?


Thanks Nadim.warsi

I fixed it but I still another problem now, the robot was able to open SHA1 but it closed closed it after opening and the warning message I got is this



In your Acme data scrape where you have
can you check if you are scraping correctly?


I think this one it’s like yours, just like in the PDD


Can you share @