Advanced Training Assignment 1 PLEASE HELP!

Hi, I am 3/4 into the advanced training assignment 1 but i’ve run into an issue here,
how do i extract the individual client id, name and country ? Given that i could only select the whole chunk and not individual data. Below is the screenshot.

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@Derek_Xu, Thats the catch ! Will give some suggestions follow those and implement :slight_smile:

  1. String Manipulation - (Substring or Regex) - Feasible :slight_smile:
  2. Scrape Relative
  3. Anchor base

Note There are posts for regex matching patterns in our forum. Refer those as well.

Dom :slight_smile:

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Hi, but the value of the output for the get text function returns a generic value type.
So how do i convert it to a string?

@Derek_Xu, GenericValueVariable.ToString. By this time you would have got the answer I guess after searching the forum.

Dom :slight_smile:

I am able to use the Substring method however, i dont seem to be able to trim the extracted information after i have converted it to the string format.

@Derek_Xu, Why not ? :thinking: Have you tried .Trim after converting the generic value to String ?

Dom :slight_smile:

.trim doesn’t work. I dont know how to make the substring dynamic so when the details changes it extracts accordingly pls help


Why not other options ? Regex extract between two words…


Dominic :slight_smile:

Hey, i solved it using String split instead. Thanks!

How can u please share the statement!

You can also try through Substring, Start Index and End Index

Yeah, I solved using ‘Index of’ and thanks prankurjoshi for your response.

I’m Facing a problem while i’m trying to run my level-3 assignment-1.
Error is-
“message”: “System error at initialization: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}ReadRange’. at Source: UiPath.Core.Activities”,
“level”: “Fatal”,
“logType”: “User”,
“timeStamp”: “18:31:30”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.6744.33344”,
“fileName”: “Main”,
“jobId”: “e4427732-00e8-42f0-bd4b-a93686ed2303”,
“robotName”: “DEBASISH”

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Can you share a screenshot of the activity and its properties, it will help in debug the issue

just give me your email address so that i can send that to you…

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Hi Deb,I am facing same issue for splitting string .could you please help me here?

Hi Derek_Xu

Can you please show me how you solved it.

Thank you.

Check this thread:

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Thank nadim.warsi

Please can you help, also need assistance with the below, after extracting the Client table my robot stops and this the warning I get

My process.xaml is like this

Navigate to WIDetails

So I don’t know why it’s failing to invoke the Process.xaml workflow

Actually the issue wold be in the GetTransactionData itself so the transition does not happen to the Process Transaction hence Process.xaml does not get invoke.

Can you check if the assign to out_transationItem in GetTransactionData is having any values and what is it doing?