Advanced Training Assignment 1 PLEASE HELP!


Hi, I am 3/4 into the advanced training assignment 1 but i’ve run into an issue here,
how do i extract the individual client id, name and country ? Given that i could only select the whole chunk and not individual data. Below is the screenshot.


@Derek_Xu, Thats the catch ! Will give some suggestions follow those and implement :slight_smile:

  1. String Manipulation - (Substring or Regex) - Feasible :slight_smile:
  2. Scrape Relative
  3. Anchor base

Note There are posts for regex matching patterns in our forum. Refer those as well.

Dom :slight_smile:


Hi, but the value of the output for the get text function returns a generic value type.
So how do i convert it to a string?


@Derek_Xu, GenericValueVariable.ToString. By this time you would have got the answer I guess after searching the forum.

Dom :slight_smile:


I am able to use the Substring method however, i dont seem to be able to trim the extracted information after i have converted it to the string format.


@Derek_Xu, Why not ? :thinking: Have you tried .Trim after converting the generic value to String ?

Dom :slight_smile:


.trim doesn’t work. I dont know how to make the substring dynamic so when the details changes it extracts accordingly pls help



Why not other options ? Regex extract between two words…


Dominic :slight_smile:


Hey, i solved it using String split instead. Thanks!


How can u please share the statement!


You can also try through Substring, Start Index and End Index


Yeah, I solved using ‘Index of’ and thanks prankurjoshi for your response.


I’m Facing a problem while i’m trying to run my level-3 assignment-1.
Error is-
“message”: “System error at initialization: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}ReadRange’. at Source: UiPath.Core.Activities”,
“level”: “Fatal”,
“logType”: “User”,
“timeStamp”: “18:31:30”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.6744.33344”,
“fileName”: “Main”,
“jobId”: “e4427732-00e8-42f0-bd4b-a93686ed2303”,
“robotName”: “DEBASISH”


Can you share a screenshot of the activity and its properties, it will help in debug the issue


just give me your email address so that i can send that to you…