Advanced Training - Assignment 1 - Having trouble extracting DataTable


Having a bit of trouble with the CalculateClientSecurityHash assignment. I’m trying to extract data from the acme-test Work Items page, my sequence runs through, scrolls through the pages of Work Items, but extracts a blank data table.

I’ve attached the xaml file - any help would be greatly appreciated.

System1_ExtractDataTable.xaml (11.7 KB)


Hi Tom

I had the same issue but I think it started working when I initialised the datatable first using assign “new”

Hope that works for you

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Thanks for your reply Andy…

I’ve set the default value for my datatable variable as follows:

Did you do it a different way to make it work?



Please use the method “copy to datatable” method as shown in the image and make your argument “out_WIList” as datatable and dont use write line instead use write range to see the output.

Refer the workflowSystem1_ExtractDataTable.xaml (11.8 KB)

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That’s the same way I did it Tom. Did it fix the issue for you?

Andy, I was already defining the table like that, it was the workflow that Anil sent that allowed me to get the output.

Many thanks for your help guys, much appreciated!

@TomYBrooks, if my solution has helped, please mark it as solution and do the same for every post.

Done, thanks mate.

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