Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Assignment scoring feedback

It’s fine. I need to see the Total, Completed and Correct Items.
Like the screenshot in this post:


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Yeah, so this means that even if the items appear as Completed in Work items page, only 2 of them were correctly processed. Please try to follow(debug, highlight) all the processing.

@ovi when i am running this on my system its running successfully. But what is problem in uploading not understand

It can run successfully, but when processing to enter the wrong data and even if shows Completed, maybe there are not the right data there.

@ovi I still find a same message when I upload my process .I did everything following forum discussion.But still I got same thing.please give me proper reason.

Client data extracted is case sensitive??

Can someone help on this Advanced Training(Academy 2) Assignment 1 evaluation error - #35 by Sri_harsha_Bhasuru was stuck getting 60% every time. Flow goes good updates all the WIID status to Completed.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

No it is not case sensitive


shruti Can you check once is it correct or not.

no it is case sensitive i checked it :slight_smile:

it’s correct

Where is error can you explain?

DR6932-Ewa Alcantar-German
this is what the data your passing ? it’s correct

Yes same as it is(DR69832-Ewa Alcantar-Germam)

This is Client ID: DR69832
Client Name: Ewa Alcantar
Client Country:Gernam

yes it’s correct click on hash button hash code will be generated

I complete all step.When i upload our project then it is not evaluate.See the attachment

@ovi I completed my 2nd assignment. It is running fine in my system but when I upload the xaml to evaluate, I am getting 0/100. When I asked for explanation I am not getting any replies. The output panel shows execution completed succesfully and the status in acme is now set to completed. I never resetted the data.

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Amith V S

@amithvs I’m facing the same situation. Everything created and updated as I expected, and my results page looks very similar(16 completed, 0 correct). I’ve sent email requesting details, but the posts above don’t give me a lot of hope. I’ll post back here if I learn anything. Happy to share details of my results with you to compare if you think that might help us sort this out.