Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Assignment 2 / Slow Performance

@ArturoGarciaMartin could you please explain the “save as” and “on element appear”. I am having the same issue… Very slow performance. For a single client it is taking 35mins to make the status completed.

I also had same issue. This worked for me;;;

“Save As” > Attach as a “Window” window, no as a “Browser”.
“On Element Appear” >> “RepeatForEver” == False && “WaitVisible” == True
Click Activity change the property Wait for ready to none

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In my case I encountered the same issues. The solution was to change WaitForReady from Interactive to None


I’m facing the same issue and I have tried all the options suggested above but no luck. Could someone please help me.

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Hi @niteshn,

try set WaitForReady = “None” for activities slowly


Hi, Thanks for the reply, yes i have Changed WaitForReady = “None" but no luck. I’m attaching the workflow could you please check and let me know.DownloadMonthlyReports.xaml (27.8 KB)

Thank you so much @Chinh_Le. It’s working fin. but may I know why we need to set WaitForReady property to none?

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Hi @niteshn,

Detail “WaitForReady” here

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Got it! Thanks buddy.

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you help me a lot.
Thank you very much…

I´m having the same issue. My robot takes 2 mins at least to catch each month after February. I ve already chosen “interactive” to “none” inside wait for ready and Simulate Click box is selected but still doesn´t work. I don´t know how solve this problem i ve tried everything.
Thank you

share your CreateYearlyReport workflow, lets have a look

CreateYearlyReport.xaml (47.1 KB)
Thank you so much

Please check my workflow.
Thank you. Regards!

Sorry for the delay.

  1. You do not need to use counter as for each handles that.

  2. No need to use Build DataTable, you can simply use a assign or in the variable section you can initialize it using default value as New DataTable
    3.Instead of 2-step approach to select the month, you can use one click using dynamic selector. ex below:

    This you can do with SimulateClick and WaitforReadyNone

  3. You can use elementExists instead of ImageExists to check pop-up/same for Save As

  4. In your Exists if condition the Then branch Click is not SimulateClick and WaitforReady-None enabled

  5. You do not need attach window in the ‘K’ if condition Then branch.

  6. For the Upload, create a separate workflow, you have done it in the same one.

  7. In the Upload sequence all activities properties you can enable simulate and none properties.

Try and let me know


The dynamic selector is the key! It is now quite fast and convenient it solve the main problem. The rest of advice help me too! Thank you Mr Nadim.

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great! glad its fast.

In my case i did not know about the community and i had to sit in front of my pc for an hour to let it complete all the items :stuck_out_tongue:

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