Advanced Training(Academy 2) Assignment 1 evaluation error

Hi @ovi,

 I'm not getting  work items on![ACME|689x375](upload://xvHp5x4a1LhNeIlaSh6q0vWIDaw.PNG)

Any support available from UiPath team?. Whom i can approach?.

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Hi skkumar2020,

In order to retrieve work items you need to Reset test data(from User options).
Please try to follow these steps:
Reset test data -> check if you have any work items -> run your wf -> check if Staus is Completed in Work items -> submit -> Wait for evaluation.

reset test data

Thank you @ovi ,
After so many attempts work items restored.


Thanks @lawanyaram


Hi @ovi

Can you please help me in understanding what went wrong in this assignment 3. In ACME I can see all the WI4 statuses are Completed.

Video Url:

Fixed an issue with Upload ID, not able to find any other misses


I too am having issues with the evaluation of my assignment (0/100). Here is a video of it:

I’ve checked the following things:

  • Spaces or brackets in the hash search (ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry)

  • I don’t reset the data before submitting

UiPath hasn’t responded to any of my attempts to learn what the error is. Any help is appreciated.



I saw that the status is still “open”.
PFA the snapshot taken from your recording.

To fix this just add a refresh activity on the Work-Items page the status will get completed.
And you will get 100% marks :slight_smile:

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Did that but no luck. Unable to go forward was stuck at 60%

I am facing the same problems.
The instructors comment is - Total Items: 12 Completed Items: 12 Correct Items: 0
I have run the main workflow locally.
All items are marked as complete with the security hash in comment.
The security hash is generated correctly (For example string AD88069-CraigTober-France gives me hash 03f776b776e49999537ec91444a6d0d408ae6ae0)
The work items are not reset after completion.
I have used the same email for academy and acme registration.
I also checked some items manually and the hash values are correct.

It would be useful if the instructor comment would provide at least a hint on what is wrong.

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Hi @Ernests,

As per the information you shared. You are missing a space between the First Name and Last Name. Hence, effectively you are generating the wrong hash code. So the sting to be supplied for HashCode generation is “AD88069-Craig Tober-France” without the double quotes.

Kudos! :slight_smile:

Nithin Prabhu

You saved me! Thank you very much. I was sure that there should be no spaces at all.

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I had uploaded only the zip file for assignment 1 in academy 2 level 3 but i have not uploaded any youtube video. Is it mandatory to upload Youtube video as well? I am not getting “Next” button to move to next slide.

I think Evaluation is pending at UiPath team end. Also I had uploaded the zip file on 5th Jan 2018.

Please help to resolve it.


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Hi Saurabh,
I can see that your assignment was evaluated.
If this happens again - previous button is locked and next button isn’t displayed - try to refresh the page or access the training material hovering over the 2nd icon on the left side bar (as you can see in the attach).

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Thanks AndraT!!!

I can now see the evaluation. It is failed - 0/100 but It does not give any information about what went wrong?

How can I find the failure reason?

PS: I have verified all WI5 records marked as completed with correct security hash value. What else I need to look at?


Resolved!!! It was my bad. Removed additional space from HashCode generation.

Hi @AndraT ,
Is there any option to find out why i’m failing the test? On my computer everything works fine.
P.S.: There are no additional spaces in the HashFormula.


REframework project initialization error! System error.The given key was not present in dictionary.Can Anyone help me on this one.

When you are assigning or retrieving any key from a dictionary which is named as Config.
That key is not present or misspelled.
Please check.
Or attach an snapshot to know more details.

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Closed as the initial topic request got solved.